Why Instagram is not dead - yet!

Many Instagram users argue that Instagram is losing its importance. But is that really true?
We listed reasons why the app is not running out of time, yet!
Sandra Bloem

Many Instagram users argue that the app has come to an end since switching from only being a photo app to a video, a.k.a. reel app. (Check our article about how Instagram left its original roots behind.) On top, the coming updates regarding paid memberships and verifications do not really help with Instagram’s image.

Now it seems the app is attempting a comeback to its original roots: photos. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the app focused too much on videos and will give back more attention to photos. Our first indicator that the app is not dead…well, yet!

We collected a few more reasons why you should not give up your hopes for the app:

  1. The community you can build!

On Instagram, everything is about having a strong community and engagement on your profile. It is much easier done on here than on TikTok. Obviously, it also depends on your niche, but it is more likely that followers will send you direct messages, react to your stories or comment and save a picture or reel than on other apps. Just because it is easier done on Instagram, and we are already used to interact with the app in that way. 

  1. Variety: From photo to story to livestream.

Yes, we know. Videos, stories and live streams are also available on other platforms. But no other app has successfully integrated all these functions at once. 

Most active creators make use of photos, reels, stories, comments, direct messages and occasionally live streams with crossovers with other creators. (Back in 2020 during the pandemic, many creators used the option of doing live workouts or interviews via Instagram live stream with two accounts or more.) Now you can even stream live with 4 accounts.

By the way, stories is one of the most used feature Instagram offers because everyone can do it and everyone does it!. On top, it offers many interactions tools as surveys or polls, question sticker, GIFs, reactions, and so on. 

  1. Sharing content of other creators is easier.

Of course, you can share content from other social platforms via Instagram, Facebook or even WhatsApp. BUT, there is no other platform where it is so easy to share content of other creators on your story or via message within the app itself. Viewers watching the shared content can easily get to the original creator’s page by one click. It does not only increase views and visibility, but it also creates a sense of community. Also, tagging and mentioning other accounts on stories increases their visibility. And as mentioned above, Instagram stories is one of the most used features on the app, be it sharing content or viewing it.

But why do people say Instagram is dead?

Most recently, creators saw a drop in their views and impressions. Also, organic posts seem to get less visibility, that’s why paid posts should always be integrated in a content plan. (Check our latest article about why paid posts pay off). Also, constant changes in the algorithm or general changes seem to frustrate users as well. 

Luckily, the app seems to take criticism more serious now, and will implement improvements this year.

What Marketers can do

Trial and error is the number one rule here. Making use of all offered features on Instagram will only have positive outcomes. Sticking with what has worked in the past should be the second thing in your strategy. And as mentioned before: occasional paid posts is a must.

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