Cocomore AG is Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner

Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner

For eight years now, Cocomore builds large but also smaller websites with Drupal. Since then the team, the amount of projects and the possibilities have become more extensive. There were special solutions for special requirements in the past, for example content management systems (CMS) for managing content in websites (Wordpress, Jooma, Drupal) or e-Commerce systems for managing online shops like Magento. But those times are gone. In future, the challenge will be to integrate all these standalone systems to “rich-content-systems”, which will offer all the above mentioned functions within one big full service solution.

The integration and the interaction of these systems with each other offer the opportunity to use all the convenient functions of the different components together. That way, it will be possible to present the users a much better online solution with much more and much better functions. Just displaying a photo and some text for a product in a shop is not sufficient anymore today. The modern user expects more, especially concerning interactions with the shop itself like videos, custom reports, votings or a discussion board where he can get much more information and where he can interchange with others about the products. A pioneer in this sector is Amazon, where the user can comment and vote for a product - so users can get feedback from other users. Moreover, videos and further information is shown. This is today’s standard. This is what the user expects and every other shop in the web needs to come up to this mark.

Drupal Commerce is based on these means for interaction. Drupal has never been just a content management system, but also a framework with much more possibilities than just managing content. Drupal Commerce takes these advantages of Drupal and integrates an online shop on top. Consequently, all aspects of Drupal as a content management system, as a framework and also as a shop are combined. All features in one system. The usage of interfaces for migrating content or data from one system into another is not needed any more.

Since November 2014 the Cocomore AG is official Drupal Commerce Delivery Partner. The first aim of this partnership is a better establishment of Drupal Commerce in the German market. Therefore, some adaptions are needed for a better and smoother integration. The current strategy is to enlarge the existing Drupal Commerce distribution or to create a new German installation profile which fits the German market out of the box. In the current status,

Cocomore and the Commerce Guys are creating a concept to integrate further payment and tracking systems of logistic providers to make it fit better to German customers. Moreover, the consideration of the German system of taxation or the integration of several bonus programs, for example payback(.de), are planned. As soon as this concept phase is finished, the implementation can start. Then there are no barriers for Drupal Commerce anymore to become more famous in Germany. And with the implementation of first big lighthouse projects there will be good examples to set Drupal Commerce as the first choice for other customers as well. The future is based on cross-linked systems, and especially for big customers the interaction and integration of e-Commerce, CRM (customer relationship management) and personalization is a must-have today.

Nowadays, an online shop has to offer a special shopping experience for the end user to stand out from competitors, because the next online shop is just a click away.

Cocomore wants to help his customers to master this challenge by using Drupal and Drupal Commerce – either in e-Commerce or in another sector. Online communication becomes more and more important and it is impossible to succeed without it these days. With the sectors communication and IT the Cocomore AG offers – starting with the idea and concept, via arts and creation, up to implementation and management of the content - everything in one place.


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As an agency for marketing, IT and experience design, Cocomore develops communication, e-commerce and CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management) with a total of 180 employees at its locations in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Geneva (Switzerland) and Seville (Spain). Cocomore's customers include Merck, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Rabobank, Syngenta, Tele Columbus and the European Broadcasting Union. Cocomore has realized projects in more than 30 countries.