Keyword data protection: How to strengthen the users’ trust in personalized marketing

Nicole Baumann

Personalized marketing is among the most important tools for addressing customers effectively and with its broad application possibilities offers many exciting opportunities for digital marketing. Its use clearly exceeds the simplified customer contact. From a visual adjustment of website surfaces, the displayed advertisement or individually adjusted contents up to a personal address, there are a number of creative possibilities for companies.


When does the user ask about data protection?

Nevertheless, users often show little trust in these measures and are worried about their personal information and their privacy. The kind of collected data plays an important role here: While information about media behavior of users is often rated as harmless, they experience a general uncertainty with the storage of sensitive data such as bank account information.

Users make a decision about the disclosure of personal information based on a simple risk vs. use comparison. The use of outweighs can risk the willing to share more personal information. This is why it is crucial for marketers to increase the users’ trust with specific steps. Ways to do this are, for instance, transparent communication or giving the user more control over the type and duration of data use.

This is how you build more trust in digital marketing

In consideration of these points the conflict of interest between users and businesses can be reduced and lead to a long-term increase in effectiveness of online communication and customer loyalty measures.

The white papers of Cocomore “Increasing Trust in Personalized Marketing” deals, next to the causes of existing concerns of users, with a number of other options that help influencing the users’ perception of personalized marketing in a positive way. You can find the white papers  hier.

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