Recap OFFF Barcelona part 2 – “Let’s feed the future!“

Romina Goldschmitt

It doesn’t matter what the trend is. At the OFFF - the “creative elite reunion” as the ‘Horizont’ called it - it is shown what’s good, what inspires and what excites.


The atmosphere is relaxed, the audience is focused and eager to learn. The presentations are always inspiring, because they convey the feeling of limitless possibilities in the areas of art, graphic design, illustration, typography and film. They empower and show that it pays off to take a chance to do something new, to encourage ideas and to be persistent. On the other hand they show the dark sides of a process: how ideas and thought processes fail repeatedly, but also how you can profit in the end from numerous failures.


And this year impressive artists, designers and illustrators present themselves again from all over the world and their abilities and skills from various fields:

Michael Chaize, specialist for web, design and innovation, and the British illustrator Dan Mumford, talked about the impressive growth of Adobe Creative Cloud and its flexible use for each app, among other things. In this context Mumford demonstrated the just about limitless possibilities with Adobe Draw on his iPad and excited the audience and myself with his detailed illustrations.

Illustrator and graphic designer Daniel Aristizábal impressed me with his surreal geometrical works, the simplicity and his passion for typography. Especially his project “36 days of type” in which various styles and illustrations were used, showed his talent and the range of his skills.

In the category Film I enjoyed the production “There’s something wrong with you and everyone else” by ATELIER students. Unfortunate events, the irony of daily life, happy and at the same time dramatic moments linked by an even more unusual implementation… just different ;)

Insights into the film production, motion- and graphic design delivered “OUTRO STUDIO”. Because motion design has by now become much more versatile than you would think and is now an integral part of advertising. The intrigued visitors were beyond amazed by being able to take a look behind the scenes of the creative studio.

If you wanted to take a break from the presentation-marathon you could get in touch with a few interactive installations and their designers or enjoy the sunshine with refreshments in the outside area. 


By the way: Of course Barcelona is worth seeing just as well as the OFFF.

An elegant, cosmopolitan harbor city that always accentuates innovations in the area of culture, design and fashion. You should definitely visit both at least once. :)

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Romina Goldschmitt is part of the Cocomore Team as a Junior Art Director since May 2014. Before she studied Communication Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd and scented first creative agency air in Frankfurt. Four words to describe Romina: spontaneous, helpful, ultra creative :).