The like is out

Our Creative Director Campaigning Fritz Ehlers discusses a big change in the social media world and how B2B companies can respond to it on Marconomy’s website.
Fritz Ehlers

Success on Facebook and Instagram could be read off perfectly from little hearts and "thumbs up" until now: What people like gets liked. A welcome indicator for B2B brands that have an eye on their content performance. But what happens if this is dropped? The platforms are planning to abandon the like display in the future. The reason: the lack of trust among users. Purchased followers and "likes" generated by bots make the metric untrustworthy.

Content’s Comeback

To prevent users from staying away, Instagram and Facebook will have to respond. There will be new ways to measure successful communication. Without the number of likes, more attention will be paid to the content. This makes high-quality content creation and a sustainably improved user experience even more important.

Story first

B2B brands should now focus on the story trend. The vertical full-screen format promises a more emotional brand experience and, with over 500 million active story users worldwide, great reach potential. Therefore it is worthwhile for those responsible in the B2B sector to examine the extent to which they can use these new display options for their communication and take advantage of the technologies on offer, especially since the "Send Message" function encourages direct contact.

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About Fritz Ehlers

Fritz Ehlers has headed the Art & Copy department at Cocomore since August 2011. He has been in leading positions, e.g. at major network agencies like Publicis & McCann. For him being a creative mind, means focusing on people, culture and technology rather than having an eye on the works of the plenty advertising colleagues out there. Describing Fritz in four words: curious,  assiduously optimistic, beardy.