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  • Market research during the pandemic

    A successful customer experience relies on insights. Experience strategists Nicole Reinhold and Sandra Dernbach reveal methods how to gather those despite contact restrictions on W&V.
  • How to get ready for Drupal 9

    As Drupal support for the CRM-versions D7 and D8 will be running out in November 2021, it is advisable to start planning your D9 upgrade asap. On t3n our expert Marc Kutschera explains how to do it.
  • TikTok – Here for good

    Why spontaneous short clips from Falco Punch's untidy youth room are relevant for brands – expert Lisa Schreiber-Awuah in Business Punk on the marketing potential of TikTok.
  • A new look for AdmiralDirekt and bessergrün

    “We were particularly impressed by AdmiralDirekt’s willingness to implement innovative suggestions as well as their agile work processes,” says Cocomore Executive Board Member Marc Kutschera.
  • Super Bowl: The engagement scorer

    For TV commercials, the Super Bowl is a record coverage guarantor, but, as our CCO Matthias Schäfer shows on t3n, thanks to social media, even small brands can benefit from the mega-event.
  • The like is out

    Our Creative Director Campaigning Fritz Ehlers discusses a big change in the social media world and how B2B companies can respond to it on Marconomy’s website.
  • Composer in Drupal 8.8.0 - First impressions

    With the release of the new Drupal 8.8.0 version, a number of new changes are waiting for the community. From a development point of view, the most interesting one is probably the full support of Composer to build Drupal projects.